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Here is the Hard Copy Cover of Buddha Smiles

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The Meaning of Smile in Siddhartha

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Siddhartha Smiles

The Meaning of Smile in Siddhartha Smiles


Siddhartha or Gautam Buddha represents a state of universal awakening and enlightenment. This is the state of Nirvana in which the worldly stress and concerns do not impact an individual. 

It is the state of inner bliss or fulfilment. Siddhartha did not believe in God or more precisely did not talk or discuss about the topic because to Him, it meant useless debate over a topic too profound for individuals unaware with the reality.

The level of consciousness that Sidhartha experienced was beyond ordinary. He could see the real nature of time as illusion. Actually, the relativity of time as understood by Einstein was understood by Siddahrtha 2500 years ago. He also understood that our perception of time as past, present and future in a linear fashion is erroneous.  Time is actually an infinitesimal moment in which we exist. In other words, everything appears to exist continually but change is constantly taking place. In other words, what we are now this moment is different from what we will be the next moment. We are not exactly alike whether we are animate or inanimate.

In my book Siddhartha Smiles, I have attempted to bring about the notion of time as Siddhartha understood.

"There is nothing beyond consciousness. There is no soul. There is no transmigration of soul, but only the impressions or impacts of mind generated actions. These impressions must go on and on from birth to birth, just as the act of throwing a stone in a still pond creates ripples of wave that must go on and on. Therefore, understand this: There is no soul. There is no supreme soul as well. Then where is the question of transmigration of soul? There is transmigration of energy, of your thoughts, emotions and impressions left by your action. This transmigration takes place from moment to moment. You may find the perception of beginning and end. But there is no beginning or end. Matter as well as energy can neither be created nor destroyed. They exist and they exist in just a moment. The infinite moments in a continuum give the impression of time- past, present and future. A light flickering over the wick of lamp gives us the impression of a continuous flame for a period of time, but the flames exist each in a moment. They are conjoined together to give the impression of continuum. The continuum is mirage. Nothing exists continuously by the very truth of the law of change. Change is the only constant in the flux of relativity. Everything changes from moment to moment and a moment is so infinitesimal that change remains constant. There is nothing like changelessness. There is nothing called static. Change is the law of universe. The change comes through construction as well as through destruction.”

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The most fundamental advantage of the book to my readers is that they will learn to lead a stress free life. It has no lesson plans on leading a life free of stress, but the powerful words spoken by the Master himself will create a kind of mental energy that will attune the readers to peace. 
I gave my friend the manuscript to read as soon as I had finished writing Siddhartha Smiles. When he finished reading, I asked for his response . Touching his heart, he smiled and said, "It felt very nice here". That day I knew, if you feel good in your heart, you will feel nice in your head and you too will smile.